Ask and you will receive…..


On a fine day, in the Autumn of 2017, I decided to go for my usual morning jog. As I took my first step, I felt heavily off-balance. I later discovered that my left foot had landed in a pot-hole that had been covered by fallen leaves.

I made no attempt to stay upright. The twist of my ankle flipped me clockwise. I surrendered and relaxed into the inevitable. For a few moments, I lie on my back on the grass, stunned and then began to laugh at myself. Oh well  I thought, just take the opportunity to give thanks for the day as I looked up into the blue sky through the branches of the tree I had fallen beneath. The sun’s beams warm on my face.

Picking myself up, I scanned the area, checking to ensure there was no reason for embarassment to surface.  There was no one about. I was out so decided to  do a power walk instead along the Peace Mile of Eastville Park and then headed home.

It was sharp and it was intense.  I was forced to resit. The pressure placed on my foot when I tried to stand from the computer chair on which I had been sat for a few hours, was excrutiating. I looked down. That was not my foot! That was a brick! 12 hours after my fall, the pain and the agony pulsing in my left foot was unbearable. I had to be carried by my brother who I had called,  to his car and into A&E

Strapped to my foot was an anti-inflammatory paste I had some how managed to make using my natural remedies which included a good measurement of turmeric powder. By the time I was finally called in for an X-ray, over a hour later, I was able to decline pain-killers. My home-made natural remedy worked, just as I knew it would. I didn’t mind the curry coloured discolouration nor did the Asian doctor, who smiled knowingly as the flakes of the paste fell on the X-ray table.

So I tell this story to say this. A year on, after wearing a pair of high heeled shoes, a second X-ray revealed that  I had irritated the sprained cuboid bone from the fall. The tissue around the bone was inflammed and physiotherapy, necessary. Heels and tight shoes do me no favours. I lovingly released two bags full of my most precious stilettos. That was a big deal!

A prayer before I left for Broadmead shopping centre 2 months ago went something like this. ‘Dear Father Mother God. I need a pair of flat, black, everyday wear shoes, at a reasonable price, that I can wear for comfort that will not irritate my left foot. Thank you for my shoes.’

I walked into the first shop, T K Maxx, a shop I love but they never seem to have the nicely unusual shoes in my size. I stood in front of the size 7 section and there in front of me was the only pair of flat black shoes. I liked them.  Turning them over, I could see the price was right. The fit was perfect. I inspected them a little closer and was pleasantly surprised. My prayer flashed into my mind and I declared to the friend I was with, ‘The shoes have got my name! They are called Vanessa’.

Coincidence! Yes all things co in cide when you believe, trust and act on the guidance, when you notice and follow the signs. There is a Jamaican saying that also comes to mind, ‘What ah fi yuh, cya be un fi yuh!’ (What is meant to be yours will always be yours).

More thanks and praise and my heart is always filled with gratitude.

As we continue to connect the dots, the signs and guidance becomes clear on what to say, not say, do or not do, and our lives become a constant blessing even in challenging times. We will embrace all that is for us.



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