Ladybug in my life!

ladybird flying_0If Ladybug has flown into your life…

About a month ago, I stood at the threashold of my back door looking into the garden. As I gazed out, my attention was captured by something flying towards me. It came into focus and I recognised it to be a ladybug. It was on a mission, heading directly at me. I flashed by hand across my face, to break its path.

I thought, how lovely as I inspected one of nature’s beauties, now settled on the wooden framework of the back door. Childhood excitement tickled my senses, as I was fixated on counting the spots on its back.

With my count complete, I returned to enjoy my garden and saw another 2 ladybirds flying towards me. In my world, that is a sign! So I decided to google the nature and metaphysical meaning of ladybirds.

Nature: Ladybirds seek bright, light and slightly humid places to hibernate. I have lived in my home for a number of years but never before, have I had them seek out my home.

Metaphysical: The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Higher goals and new heights are now possible. Worries begin to dissipate. New happiness comes about. This insect also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true. Alternatively she could be signalling that you can leave your worries behind and that new happiness is on its way. This species of beetle signals you to to not be scared to live your own truth. Protect your truth and know that it is yours to honor.

In January 2017, after living a life that for years seemed to be so hard, heavy and just a constant struggle, I made a decision to do only that which makes my soul happy. I first had to connect with my soul. I walked out of my role in retail on 4 April 2017, the day before my actual termination date and took my first role as a supporting actress two days later.

This was now a time for me to take little steps of faith. A time to trust my gut instincts again just like I did as a child. Family, culture, society and most strongly religious teachings and expectations plagued me growing from child to adult and had steered me away from my inner compass and guilt rested upon my heart and weighed me down.

Eagar for a change to my story, I acted upon the guidance of the small inner voice. Sometimes the instructions make no sense to my rational mind especially when I am being guiding to let go of people and things I love. With time some choices have made sense. With others I am still connecting the dots that I know will eventually reveal the reasons and answers.  All I know is that letting go has been the right thing to do as doing so has moved me closer to my dreams suprisingly very quickly.

What is most important to me, is that in ending some relationships, I have developed a better relationship with my gut instinct and I am  honouring my truth. The path is lighter, brighter and clearer.

I give thanks for the confirmation that the Creator has sent and continues to send through nature, where lies my deepest love and connection. My wishes are being fulfilled and I am constantly in awe and very grateful.

I am so thankful for the many doors of opportunities that keep opening, effortlessly. I have fully connected with my truth that I am a performer, singer, song writer. Something that I was never steered towards as a way to earn my living. My parents instruction from an early age was for their 8 children to become a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher, based on their experience of hardship having to take on mediocre jobs when they arrived from Jamaica in the early 1960s. The majority of their children are creatives. I am a round peg that was trying very hard to fit into a square hole.  I became frustrated, unhappy and depressed for finding no success in trying to fulfil their wishes.

Our souls only requirement, is that we listen and follow her guidance to live our best life. So, make sense of the slightly unusual things that happen in life and descover and experience the wealth of joy, happiness  peace and love that resides inside and flows outward into the world as we learn to connect the dots to reveal the purpose of life experiences.

To be the change…….trust your gut instincts. It is directed by your soul, so……….be still and know and live your best life. Life is for living abundantly!


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